A totally new way to record and view your Minecraft experiences!

With Miners Movies you can record and review your Minecraft multiplayer sessions without installing any mods. Just connect to the special miners-movies.com Minecraft Server. From there you can view and create recordings on your favourite server.

Just connect to this Minecraft Server:

1) Record

Recording is easy. Connect to the special Miners Movies Minecraft server. From there, villagers will guide you. Get your first recording in under a minute.

Once you have everything ready, recording is a simple as clicking a painting on the wall.

Miners Movies also provides the Desktop Recorder. It allows you to record without using the Miners Movies server. That's even more awesome as it doesn't add any additional lag while recording on any server. Try it now!

2) View

You can view your own recordings without any special program. All within Minecraft. No mods required. Just connect to the special Miners Movies Minecraft server.

Once a recording is running, you can fly around inside the recording. See yourself inside the recorded world!

You'll find your own recordings in your inventory. You can also click on any recordings on the Miners Movies website to play back the recording inside Minecraft.

Why Miners Movies is awesome

  • Save your PvP fights and review them from different angles. See everything you might have missed while fighting.
  • Share your recordings. Each recording creates a new Minecraft server. Share its address and your viewers will directly see your recording!
  • Did you create something you want to share? Or show some redstone you built? Create a recording and share its recording page. Other players can then just join the server. No need to download and extract a level file.
  • Players can comment while watching a recording. Other players can then jump to the location that comment was made.

Wait. That's not all!

Miners Movies Analyzer

This is the Miners Movies Analyzer. When you view a recording, just type /analyze and click on the link. The Analyzer will open and show additional information. See players and the health they had when you recorded. See invisible or hidden players in your recording.


Just connect to this Minecraft Server:

Want to see how recordings look like?

Here's some recently created recordings by our users. There's always more on the Best of.
64Will64 a eu server.. (testing)   25       1:07       0 Info
Nalacion The Occupation of Romero   41       41:56       0 Info
filename: recording.2016.07.29-16.48.us.shotbow.net.25565.Nalacion.miners
MetamorphosysWrenAnneTalefEN3RGY_SURG3LezalithMLG_DURPY + 147 other players
xTvRoBot_ new recording   30       0:00       0 Info
Wynncraft #ep 1
Blitzkrieg Nightmare vs. NoLimit w/   46       39:16       0 Info
Eddythepro0121PurziiiInitiatingeum3editoJesusSiblChickensLACAPONEKerryyyTombomb333 + 238 other players
Blitzkrieg nightmrae v dauntless   37       12:05       0 Info
PurziiiPrizzoGloryuhCaliGLODEINEAlbino_WizardBlackTitanMiamiCantSoaR8BLOCKEDLosty0 + 152 other players