Welcome to Miners Movies. You can view recordings made by other players within Minecraft itself. Fly around inside the recording and view it from different angles. Use it to analyse PVP games. Or view maps or buildings by other players. The best thing is: You don't have to install any mods. Just connect to our special Minecraft server.

Of course you can create your own recordings. Creating them is very simple. You don't have to install any mod or modify Minecraft in any way. You just connect to our special Minecraft server and jump into the game from there. Everything you do will then be recorded and can be viewed later.

If you have questions about this site/server, feel free to contact me

Playing back recordings

Browse this site by starting on Best Of. Click on any of the recordings. You'll get information about the recording as well as a server address. If you connect to this address with your Minecraft, you'll be right inside the recording. There are other ways to start playback. More on that later.

Controlling the recording

In your inventory you'll see different items. These items help you control the playback. The carpet items allow you to change the speed of the playback. Just select the item and the playback speed will be modified.

If you select the compass, the recording will be pause. The compass also points to the player and allows you to find him again (except in the Nether).

If you right click any item, it will teleport you back to the player.

Inside the chat, you can use the following commands:

/rewind Restart the recording from the beginning
/analyze Generates a link to the Playback Analyzer
/hub Reconnect you to the Miners Movies Lobby

If you type text without a / in chat, you'll create a comment that other players will see when they watch your recording. When you create a new comment, you're given the option to delete that comment again. Just click on the [Delete comment] link next to your comment.

Creating your own recordings

The easiest way is to use the Desktop Recorder. It's a special program you can download which starts a special Minecraft server on your computer. You can use this server to record on any server without any lag and you can use your normal Minecraft server list. Learn more about the Desktop Recorder.

Another way to start is to connect to the special Minecraft server:

You'll find yourself in the Lobby. Right click the Recording Operator. He'll provide you with a link back to this web site. On that page, you'll be invited to log into Minecraft. This is necessary, so our server can forward your connection to the server you intend to record on. After you have logged in, you can add your prefered Servers.

If you are still connected to our Minecraft server, you'll notice the new Item frames right next to the extrance. You can use those or the "Start Recording" buttons on the web site to start a new recording.

You'll be forwarded to your server of choice. Everything you do on there will be recorded.

While recording, you can us the following commands:

/stop Stop the recording and disconnects you from the server

Once you are back in the Lobby you can view your new recording. Open your inventory. You'll find books for the last 27 recordings you made in there. Hover them to see more information about the recording.

To view a recording, just right click on the book. You'll be teleported right inside the recording.