Miners Movies Desktop Recorder

A new way to record!

miners-movies.com provides a new program you can run on your machine: The Desktop Recorder. You can use it to record without any added latency. Just start the Recorder, Log in and configure target servers inside your Minecraft Server list.

Why it's great:

  • No added latency! No matter where you play: There won't be any added lag. Record PvP anywhere!
  • Record on any server. The server doesn't have to be reachable from the internet.
  • It works even if miners-movies.com is down or slow. Just upload your recording later.


Download Windows Version 7 Desktop Recorder for Windows. Version 7

This is the only official download location. Sorry, no Linux/Mac Version available at the moment.

How to install

  • Download the latest version (click that huge button on the left side :-) )
  • Extract the downloaded ZIP file to your Desktop. You will get a file called MinersMovies.exe.
  • Run it (that's right: no further installation necessary).
  • Allow the Recorder to access your Minecraft Launcher config file. It will allow you to record without entering any credentials. Please see the FAQ, if you're interested why the Recorder needs this information to record or if you want to learn about other options.
  • You are now ready to record!

How to record

  • Start Minecraft.
  • Add servers you want to record on to your server list. In the Server Address field, enter the normal server address and append .using.miners-movies.com to the address. So example.net becomes example.net.using.miners-movies.com.
  • Connect to the newly added server.
  • The Desktop Recorder will forward the connection to the server you specified and will record until you disconnect.

How to upload a recording

  • Open the File > Upload menu. This will open the upload page on miners-movies.com. Read the FAQ, if this fails.
  • Open the File > Recordings menu. This will open an explorer with all your recordings.
  • Drag a recording from explorer onto the upload area on the upload page.
  • Your recording will be uploaded and is ready to be viewed.