Quake Madness!!!

by Smithwicks_Red        15        14:42        1      1.7.2
Fun on mc.hypixel.net


+ 48 other players
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[3:23]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> I_Am_Psycho so op
[4:41]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> Spy Joas.... I've caught this guy camping on a number of occaisions. Be careful of him.
[7:43]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> Sweet victory coming up
[7:58]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> The last kill is always the hardest >:(
[9:19]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> Funny story see, cause there were a lot of people in the game at first, but then they all left.
[9:52]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> It went from 7-10 to 2-10 once everyone realized there was a doner XD
[10:13]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> It eventually got to a point where I refused to wait
[10:16]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> so I left
[12:03]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> I know that was pretty weird
[12:33]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> Epic kill streak happening here
[12:45]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> Killing Spree!!!!
[14:30]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> That was an epic game
[14:35]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> 25-11
[14:42]    Smithwicks_Red<Smithwicks_Red> Bye now


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