EOTW hcf map 12

by dividuum        646        122:26        1      1.7.2
Fluffy goes EOTW on HCFaction map 12


+ 133 other players
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[0:18]    dividuum<dividuum> Our archer tower
[0:20]    dividuum<dividuum> archer tower express
[0:23]    dividuum<dividuum> public area (main hall)
[0:31]    dividuum<dividuum> hidden poison dispenser (never used)
[0:33]    AljeCherry<AljeCherry> sad
[0:39]    dividuum<dividuum> double spawner
[0:47]    dividuum<dividuum> garbage disposal
[0:49]    dividuum<dividuum> our neighbours
[0:51]    dividuum<dividuum> escape tunnel for our street safe room
[0:52]    dividuum<dividuum> slot machine redstone
[0:53]    dividuum<dividuum> screenshot time
[1:02]    dividuum<dividuum> our mining base
[2:32]    Keyl7_<Keyl7_> LOL ?
[2:36]    AnyColorTruck<AnyColorTruck> lol
[3:26]    shikmeister<shikmeister> .
[13:05]    jobre67<jobre67> kdlsf;j
[13:12]    jobre67<jobre67> fuck you konartist
[13:20]    Errafu<Errafu> jobre sucks
[17:10]    Niblic<Niblic> this is some trippy shit
[30:35]    Jeremy9887<Jeremy9887> /gm 0


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